Are curtains universal?

Strange question?   Not really, I just looked up at the windows in the room I am sitting in, saw the curtains and then immediately noticed that I was assuming that everyone who looked up at the window in their room would be looking up at curtains.

Just an assumption.  A simple assumption that everyone else on the planet has the same experience as me.

That assumption, about curtains, illustrates something we all do without noticing.   Something that when the assumptions are about other things than curtains is a real problem.

This unconscious assumption, that people everywhere have the same experience as me, see the world the same way, even live in the same world as me, is groundless and easily demonstrated to be fundamentally wrong.

This blog is an experiment in noticing the ways we DO share a reality across cultures and the ways we DON’T share the same reality.

So curtains –  I’m looking at two sets of curtains over the windows.   There is a light, white, mostly sheer set of curtains that hang in front of the windows, during the day those sheer curtains allow me to look out, but anyone outside cannot see IN thru the window because the sunlight reflects of the outside of the white curtains and the light from inside the room is dark and cannot compete with the reflected light outside.    The second set of curtains are “blockout” curtains, thick and heavy, normally they are pulled to each side of the windows, but when you pull them across the windows they block out the heat from a hot summer day, or block in the heat of a warm room on a cold winter’s day.

Normal for me, might seem strange to you.

So, what covers or does not cover the windows you are looking at right now?




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